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We at Royal Appliance Repair are professionals on quality commercial appliance repairs. Our ultimate goal is to do the following for your business:

– Prompt, efficient attention
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Commercial appliance repair pricing information

Please check Pricing to get an information about a service call charge amount. When we arrive at your place we will do a full diagnostic of your appliance and find a problem why it is not working. As the result you will get a full estimate including parts and labor costs, also you will get a full idea about when we will be able to finish the repair. In some circumstances we need to order some parts from the supplier and there is an imminent time to get those parts. Please also understand that part may not arrive the same day.

Then you will have an opportunity to review the estimate and time for repairs. If you agree with the repair costs a service call charge will be waived. We will provide a discount for the service call charge when evaluating multiple units at the same location.

No other company beats our professional quality service or our rates! We offer same day emergency service and we don’t charge overtime for after hours and weekend calls for our commercial customers.

At Royal Appliance Repair, we repair and service all brands and types of commercial air conditioning & heating systems, exhaust and makeup air units, cooking equipment, and refrigeration systems and appliances.

Refrigerator repair

Do you Need Refrigerator Repairs?

Everyone knows the importance of a working refrigerator for your home. Refrigerators make busy everyday life less stressful, and help us to keep and maintain foods for quick and easy meal preparations.

Call us 747-334-2655 and say something like "My refrigerator isn't cold enough", or "My refrigerator has a broken thermostat", or "I need to repair my Sub Zero refrigerator" and our friendly dispatcher will schedule an appointment to repair your refrigerator today.

Common Problems with Refrigerators

Refrigerator is Not Cold or Not Cooling:

Turn the thermostat up to the next highest setting. If it comes on, let it run for 24 hours and check temperature to confirm it is working properly.

Clear/remove anything blocking the air flow around the outside of the refrigerator (on top, underneath, behind, beside, in front of, etc.). Allow 3" of clearance all the way around.

If there are condenser coils on the rear of the box, make sure the box is several inches from the wall and that nothing is on top at the rear, blocking the heat from coming off the coils.

Refrigerator Door Gasket or Seal Problems:

Wipe off the face of the gasket with a wet rag and make sure the interior shelves, drawers and food are not preventing the door from closing from the inside.

Compressor Problems:

If your compressor is making noises while running, or if you find that it is running for what you believe to be an extended amount of time this could be a bad sign. The compressor may need to replaced, and a technician should be called.

Condenser fan:

If you find that your condenser fan is loud, and is making noise you may just have a dirty fan. This can be taken care of with a brush attachment on a vacuum. If there is an ice build up or if you notice the fan is not running at all then a call to your serviceman is necessary. If you don't clean a condenser fan it may get easily overheated and break, that will evenentually lead to a refrigerator repair. The other point is a dirty fan and bad air flow could be a cause of the high electric bill. Therefore a regular cleaning is one way to prevent your refrigerator to break and you may not need to request a refrigerator repair service.

Maintenance and Cleaning of your Refrigerator:

Refrigerator evaporators and coils should be cleaned at least once a year. If you have pets it may be recommended to clean the coils twice yearly. Pet hair, dust and other debris and material can catch on the coils causing the refrigerator to warm up and not cool properly. Some customers are comfortable using a vacuum and a brush attachment to clean debris. Make sure to unplug the refrigerator before any cleaning is started. If you would like to have the coils cleaned professionally, we offer a variety of maintenance plans to get the job done.

Do you need a refrigerator repair today?

Whether you need general maintenance or a repair for your refrigerator, we have a technician that will be able to help you and get things back on track. Our expert technicians carry factory parts and can diagnose and usually repair problems same day. Let us help you get things back in order.

Just call us 747-334-2655 and say something like "My GE refrigerator isn't working", or "My refrigerator is not cooling", or "I need to repair my Viking refrigerator" we will help you to identify the problem over the phone and schedule an appointment to repair your refrigerator today.

Walk-in Coolers/Refrigerators Repair

Walk-Ins are common in all restaurants and businesses where a large amount of perishable food storage is necessary. A walk-in can either be a refrigeration unit or it can be a freezer. Most businesses and restaurants have both in the facilities. We have a partnership with companies building walk-ins refrigerators and we learned through years of experience how to fix major problems with this time of refrigeration equipment. If walk-in refrigeraror is working improperly that could lead to a huge cost of spoiled food items and walk-in refrigerator repair should be done as quickly as possible. Even if you have some minor issues you should consider calling an appliance repair technician to review the condition of the refrigeraror and, potentially, set up a maintenance contract for regular check-ups.

Call us 747-334-2655 today for more details or schedule a walk-in refrigerator repair appointment.


If you are just starting out as a restaurant or business owner and you require these types of cooling units in your establishment, fortunately they are usually simple to locate. You will need to decide if you want a new unit or if you want to spend less and try a used or second-hand unit. You will usually be able to find dealers locally as well as online dealers if you are looking to purchase new. Restaurant suppliers sometimes have information on where to buy used units and if you are lucky enough you can find places being sold or going out of business where a person can get good deals.

Call us 747-334-2655 today for more details or schedule a walk-in refrigerator repair appointment.


These walk-in refrigeration and freezer units do require routine maintenance service that should be done by an experienced technician at least once a year. Neglecting to maintain these units could be a huge financial drain on a business not only with expensive walk-in repairs but food spoilage and replacement as well. If the unit is dirty and has improper air circulation the walk-in may run continually increasing the amount of energy used.

Call us 747-334-2655 today for more details or schedule a walk-in refrigerator repair appointment.


The units should be checked routinely by the business owner for problems. Moisture can be a huge issue and lead to mold and mildew growth in the storage compartment. Temperature needs to be watched to ensure the thermostat is functional and the food items are chilled to the correct and safe temperature. The door gaskets also need to be checked for rips and tears or slacking in the rubber causing the door not to seal correctly. The insides should also be checked for frost build-ups. These can occur when there is a suction problem and the doors are left ajar. The thermostat will not be able to regulate the temperature, causing the unit to run continually causing the evaporator coils to freeze.

Call us 747-334-2655 today for more details or schedule a walk-in refrigerator repair appointment.


We offers repairs and maintenance programs for businesses with commercial appliances. We recommend bi-annual maintenance for high use units performed by one of our experienced service technicians. Call one of our friendly dispatchers today to find out how we can help you maintain the efficiency of your walk-in refrigerators and freezers, keeping your patrons coming back for years to come.

Call us 747-334-2655 today for more details or schedule a walk-in refrigerator repair appointment.

Salad Bars Repair

As a food service business owner you might find yourself looking for equipment that makes food preparation easy and convenient. Salad bars and prep tables make displaying and preparing food items for patrons easy and can encourage healthy and fresh choices for people. Display cases can showcase items that take time to prepare but that can be kept chilled and fresh for customers making the choice between food items quick. Sandwich tables can keep veggies crisp and sauces fresh for quick assembly of items for patrons on the go.

Maintenance for your Commercial Salad Bars Prep Stations

As with most food industry equipment regular service and maintenance is a must. An experienced repairman will be happy to assist you and keep your equipment fresh. Moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow inside compartments and these areas must be sanitized regularly. Vents and ducts as well as surfaces need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper air flow and cooling. If the commercial salad bar over heats then it will cause break down and failure.

Common Commercial Salad Bar and Prep Station Problems

Thermostats and compressors need to be checked often, and coils should be cleaned and kept free of dirt and debris. Service and cleaning allows for a more efficient air flow making certain the equipment is not running excessively, contributing to higher energy bills. Proper cooling ensures your customers will not be sold spoiled food. Commercial salad bar tables can also experience fluctuations in temperatures and compressor failure. Safety switches located on the compressor will trip, shutting the compressor down to avoid further damage. If you notice the compressor is not running on your salad bar table an experienced technician should be called right away.

Do You Need Maintenance or Repairs?

We offer experienced repair technicians for maintenance plans and service on bars, display cases and tables. A technician is available to go over your equipment, provide cleaning and maintenance, and make recommendations on service or repairs that may need to be completed. Keeping these handy and convenient pieces of equipment running smoothly in your business will ensure happiness and good eats for everyone. Call us today for information about service and ask us how we can help you keep your equipment running in tip top shape

Just call us 747-334-2655 and say something like "My prep bar equipment is not working", or "My prep bar is broken", or "Cool table is not cool anymore" we will help you to identify the problem over the phone and schedule an appointment to repair your prep bar or cool table today.

Wine Cooler Repair

Nothing says class like being able to visit a restaurant and ordering a nice glass of wine from the wine list to enrich your dining experience. Nothing says sophistication like a high quality wine. Restaurants that are able to offer such a wine to their patrons need to have the proper equipment whether it is a wine cooler or a more elaborate wine cellar. Business owners will need to decide on the type and style of cooler that best suites the business for the amount and types of wines that will need to be housed.

Commercial wine coolers are convenient investments that not only look nice, but they also play a substantial role in bringing customers into your restaurant. These come in various types and sizes, and can range from tubs and racks to sophisticated coolers with glass doors to showcase your wines.

When investing in a commercial wine cooling unit it is important to have regular service and maintenance by a professional and experienced service technician. This will ensure the life expectancy of the equipment as well as hopefully prevent costly future repairs.

There is a certain amount of expertise that goes along with proper wine cooling and temperature settings to chill wines perfectly. Wine coolers are made with all this in mind unlike a regular refrigerator. Humidity and lighting also play a part in the finesse and taste of specific wines.

Keeping all of the above in mind this is why our experienced technicians are available to help you from choosing a unit to best meet your needs to service, maintenance or repairs. We understand how complicated these decisions and tasks might be and we are here to help with a smile.

Common Problems

  • Faulty cooling is a common problem business owners experience when the equipment is not serviced and maintained. Damage to the coils, the evaporator or the compressor can contribute to these issues. You might find that the compressor in the cooler is running continually. This not only causes higher energy and electricity costs, but the coils can freeze and cause the unit to frost up. This could potentially destroy the wine and lead to costly repairs.
  • Excessive cooling is another issue that must be immediately addressed in order to avoid spoilage of expensive product. If the wines are not kept at a desired temperature the taste will be effected and the wines will have to be thrown away.
  • Because of the way the equipment cools at the different settings moisture build-up is normal and rust inside the compartments can occur. It is very important to have a professional out to maintain and take care of the cooler to prevent decay of the metals from the rust.

Wine Cooler Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance for wine coolers is recommended by a professional service technician in order to catch problems before they escalate and to keep the equipment clean and moisture free. A friendly repair technician is happy to educate and assist you. We can help in decisions for the appropriate equipment for your restaurant, or maintain the equipment as mentioned. We are just a phone call away.

Call our office 747-334-2655 today to schedule a wine cooler repair or maintenance appointment.

Ice Machines Repair

Ice machines are typical in most businesses and can be found in hotels, hospitals, and throughout the food industry. It is not uncommon even for some residences to have ice machines.

Ice machines work by using water that travels through a copper or plastic tube from a water source to the water inlet valve. This valve regulates the water flow, and when open it allows the water to flow into the mold forming the ice cubes. This process is a continual cycle and is regulated by a thermostat that monitors the temperature of the ice mold.

If the temperature on the tray drops below a certain temperature the refrigerator is signaled to begin the water flow and the ice cycle begins. The ice is then ejected from the molds and until the bin sensor tells the appliance to shut off the ice machine the cycle will continue.

Common Ice Maker Problems

  • If your ice has a funny or poor taste the valve and water line may need to be flushed.
  • If your ice cubes are not forming properly and coming out in funny shapes this could be from a problem with the water valve or the inlet switch. Sometimes too much water or not enough water is allowed in and the cubes can be too large in size or smaller in size and funny shaped. If too much water is allowed to flow into the mold the cubes will not freeze properly.
  • If ice is not ejecting properly from the mold there could be a few reasons behind this problem. There could be issues with the ejector motor or the gear, the thermostat might be faulty, or lastly the ice mold heater may have failed.
  • If the ice machine is making too much ice or not shutting off there could be issues with the bin sensor. If this part has failed the ice machine will not have any indication when the bin is full and it will continue to make ice.
  • If your ice machine has stopped making ice there could be issues with the water supply and obviously if there is insufficient water flow the ice production will cease. Other things that cause a failure in ice production could be incorrect temperatures, ejector motor or gear issues, mold heaters or thermostat problems, or faulty valves.
  • If you find a water leak this could be from the water supply line, the inlet switch or the inlet valve. If the ice machine is not leveled this can also cause leaking.

Ice Machine Maintenance

Our commercial ice machine repair technicians are here to help with any questions, ice machine maintenance or ice machine repair service. It is necessary to keep up with routine maintenance and sanitization of the ice machine. A professional technician will be able to clean the equipment, flush lines and valves, and check for mold and mildew caused by moisture in the ice machine. Ice machines usually need a good cleaning yearly, but if your ice machine is under constant and high usage, then a more frequent cleaning might be needed.

Ice Machine Service And Repairs

Our expert technicians will be happy to help you get to the bottom of any problem you are having with your ice machine. Although surprising, many ice machine problems can be quickly repaired. Our professional technicians will explain the problems they find with the ice machine to you in detail, provide a point by point breakdown of parts and supplies needed for repairs, and often times are able to make same day ice machine repairs. Questions or problems? Call the office today to schedule for your appointment.

Call our office 747-334-2655 today to schedule a ice machine repair or maintenance appointment.

Oven Repair

As a business owner in the food industry the need for a commercial oven is essential. Depending on the type of food service you specialize in you will need to decide what oven is best for you. Research and maybe a professional opinion may be in order. An experienced commercial oven repair technician will be able to take into consideration your business type, and make suggestions to you on which ovens will be the best ones to suite your situation.

Call us 747-334-2655 today to schedule a commercial oven repair appointment today.

Commercial Oven Repair

Our company has assisted many customers with oven repairs. Through the years we have forged long lasting relationships with many individuals as well as families allowing them to cook flavorful meals and enjoy a stress free environment. We continue to welcome service and repairs for our valued customers.

Call us 747-334-2655 and schedule a commercial oven repair appointment today.

No matter your area or whatever your commercial oven or stove issue is we have a skilled team of commercial oven repair technicians that service you locally and can make fast repairs to get you back up and working quickly. Our company employs knowledgeable technicians covering 5 counties including Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernadino. Our technicians take pride in the service we give to our customers and are here to ensure your satisfaction. Please visit our commercial oven repair service area for details. We\'re proud to provide commercial oven repair service to the customers in all Greater Los Angeles area.

Call us 747-334-2655 and schedule a commercial oven repair appointment today.

Convection Oven Repair Service

Convection oven is most common type of oven. This particular type of commercial oven has a fan with an exhaust system. This allows the hot air to circulate inside for more even cooking, and then the hot air is vented out from the inside of the oven via the exhaust system. These ovens can be more energy efficient as they cook faster and use less energy. They tend to cook food quicker, they are better at browning, and they cook more even than conventional ovens.

Just call us 747-334-2655 and say something like "My oven does not heat", "My oven is broken", "I need a commercial oven repair service", i.e. to explain your concerns and we will help you to identify the problem over the phone and schedule an commercial oven repair appointment today.

Do You Need A Commercial Oven Repair Service?

Common problems that occur with your oven will usually require the attention of an experienced professional. Oven repairs can vary from being too hot, to not hot enough. Sometimes there are issues with food not cooking evenly. Another common problem is the heating element or the ignitor has failed and the pilot will not stay lit.

At any time there is a gas smell in the restaurant the gas company should be called immediately. A gas company technician can usually respond quicker than the commercial oven repair technician and turn the gas off to the oven. The commercial oven repair technician can then assess the problem with the oven and make recommendations for repairs.

Call us 747-334-2655 today to schedule a commercial oven repair appointment.

Commercial Stove Repair Information

Commercial stoves are one of the most commonly used appliances in the food industry. Keeping up with maintenance and repairs is critical to a successful working facility, as well as customer satisfaction and food safety.

A routinely scheduled maintenance and cleaning will not only save money long term, it can prevent costly repairs and hopefully allow parts to be changed before greater problems occur. Our expert technicians will come out, assess your issue and provide a detailed estimate on the spot. We carry common factory parts for most repairs so as not to inconvenience the customer and interrupt a busy restaurant schedule. Common problems with commercial ranges and cook-tops can include things like uneven cooking, pilot lights not staying lit and knobs and control panels not reading correct information. A professional stove repair technician is available to assist you whenever problems arise. We are only a phone call away.

Call us 747-334-2655 today to schedule a commercial stove repair appointment.

Commercial Oven Maintenance

Maintenance and regular service is important for all commercial ovens. This will ensure the appliance is working properly, and could possible head off a costly repair. When doing maintenance an experienced commercial oven repair technician might check and calibrate the thermostat and the programming buttons on the control panel. The elements should be checked and the door should be inspected for any tears or rips in the seal. This will ensure that the heat is properly retained inside and it is not escaping out the tear in the seal. Food debris and spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible and the oven should be wiped out at the end of each night. Leaving food debris in the oven could potentially be a fire hazard.

An experienced and professional technician is happy to help you with all your commercial oven needs. Call us 747-334-2655 today to schedule a commercial oven repair appointment today.

Coin Operated Washer Repair

Note: We do not service the card or coin mechanism on washers or dryers

Building and business owners can be faced with a number of problems when dealing with commercial coin-operated washers and dryers used by the public. We offer a standard set of repair services as well as the regular maintenance of those appliances. Most of the model used by appartment complexes, hotels usually similar to what you can find in every household, however operational cycle of those machines assume almost 24/7 usage pattern. At the same time washers and dryers has to be in a good working condition. Please call one of our friendly dispatchers by dialing this phone number 747-334-2655 for more information or just schedule a washer repair or maintenance appointment.

Regular service of washers and dryers

It is always recommended to service and provide regular commercial maintenance of these machines because of the continual use and wear they are subjected to. Commercial service technicians should inspect washers for working lid switches, door gaskets, door latches, drain pumps and leaks. Commercial dryers should be inspected for thermostat issues, working ignitors, the vent should be cleaned of lint and fuzz.

Common problems with washers/dryers

Common problems where a commercial repair technician may be needed include power issues with the equipment. It is important to make sure the breaker box and all circuits and fuses are functional. A faulty lid switch can also interrupt the cycle and cause the commercial washer not to turn on after the lid is closed. If your commercial washer fails to drain there could be a problem with a kinked or clogged drain line or a faulty pump. If the coin-operated washer is leaking a commercial service technician should be called for repairs. Sometimes these fixes can be fast and simple but other times they can be more complicated. If the commercial dryer fails to heat and dry laundry there might be a thermostat or ignitor problem. Coin-operated dryers taking too long to dry could have a clogged vent line preventing air circulation, or a noisy drum might need rollers or a belt changed.

Do you need a washer/dryer repair?

Whatever your problem is a friendly and experienced commercial technician is only a call away. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commercial clients. Let us help you today, use this number 747-334-2655 to call us or schedule washer/dryer repair or maintenance appointment.

Beer Coolers

Everybody loves beer

Keeping beer cold and patrons happy is top priority for all bar owners. Some people look forward to a cold beer on a hot afternoon or maybe you just like a beer to relax after a long work week at the bar with friends.

Bar owners should consider a couple different units to chill beer and keep patrons happy. Beer coolers, beer dispensers, and kegerators are all commonly found in taverns, bars and restaurants. When choosing the right cooler for your situation the product to be dispensed as well as the capacity of patrons you are serving the product to needs to be considered.

Do you need a beer cooler repair?

Maintenance is a top priority on these appliances to ensure efficiency and to extend the life of the unit. As with any refrigeration unit temperature regulation is most important. This can occur if the thermostat needs repair or replacement. Temperature plays a huge role in how beer is dispensed and if not right can cause the beer to be foamy and unpresentable. Sometimes adjustments are necessary, but this will need to be done by a professional beer cooler repair technician. Defrosters can sometimes also fail causing problems for the appliance impairing the functionality of the unit. Defrosters should be replaced by an experienced beer cooler repair technician. Just call us 747-334-2655 or schedule an beer cooler repair appointment today.

Cleaning the coils and making sure the unit is dust and debris free is important as well. If the coils are dirty and clogged the air circulation is effected and you will find the unit decreasing in temperature and not cooling as it should.

Maintenance program for Beer Cooler

We offers maintenance programs for businesses with commercial appliances and we recommend bi-annual maintenance for high use units. We can help you maintain the efficiency of your coolers and keep your patrons coming back for the best beer in town. To avoid expensive replacements on parts, costly beer cooler repair and lost food items, call us 747-334-2655 or schedule an beer cooler repair appointment today and our friendly dispatchers to find out whehter you need an appliance repair or to start a maintenance contract.

Water Heater Repair

Water heaters and water heating is something that is essential to all homes as well as businesses. Water heaters vary in sizes, types and brands depending on your situation, this will determine which direction you go to meet your needs.

Types Of Water Heaters

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Tankless

Water heaters come in various sizes and capacities, and depending on the brand you choose, some may offer different features that will customize better to your particular needs. Most homes use standard tank water heaters. These conventional water heaters use gas burners or an electric element to heat a container of water. Although water heaters come in various sizes most average homes use a 40 – 50 gallon water heater. Keep in mind if you love long hot showers and let the water run for extended periods of time the hot water may run out.

Some home owners are now buying tankless water heaters. These are convenient in homes because they take up less space and the hot water is endless. A drawback is these water heaters can be costly and usually require a dedicated fuel line to the heater. They can be a specialty still and not all repair companies have the knowledge to repair or service these types of water heaters.

Water heaters should last for years but regular maintenance is recommended if you wish to extend the life expectancy even longer. Water heaters can be expensive and it is important to employ professionals for not only installs but the maintenance as well.

Common Problems With Water Heaters

Neglecting your water heating system can cause damages to the structures housing the unit, as well as possible injuries to people coming in contact with the water heater. For example, leaks are a top cause of damage to structures and subsequently people can be injured if flooring becomes compromised from water damage, etc.. Leaking and replacing will depend oN a few things so a professional should be called to evaluate the problem. Valves can be changed to stop leaks for an easy fix, but if the tank is leaking this can mean rust has caused holes and the tank will need to be replaced.

  • If you find your water heater is not giving enough hot water you could have a problem with the tank being too small. Thermostats can also be adjusted to make water hotter. If the water is hotter sometimes less is needed and can extend the usage. If water is too hot and cannot be adjusted, then the thermostat might have failed. If your water coming from your water heater is taking too long to heat the element could need to be replaced. Slow heating of water could also be caused by a build up of sediment in the tank and this can be more serious
  • The T & P (temperature and pressure) valve should be checked to make sure it is in good working order. This valve acts as a safety valve and in the case of an over pressurized water heater the valve opens and allows for a release of the pressure build-up. If the valve fails and does not open the water heater can fill up and explode because of excessive pressure
  • .
  • Each time the T & P valve is checked the tank should also be flushed to remove any sediment build up. Over time sediment can build up decreasing the efficiency of the water heater. Sediment can also cause problems and clog water lines, decreasing the flow and water to the areas needed.

Looking For Water Heater Repairs?

Our experienced technicians are happy to help assist with all your water heating needs. We can install, perform maintenance, or make suggestions if you are looking to change or upgrade existing systems. Our professional technicians drive fully stocked vans, and we carry factory authorized parts. We try and accommodate you the best we can and aim for same day service with most problems.

Call one of our friendly office staff to schedule an appointment today.

Call one of our friendly office staff 747-334-2655 to schedule an water heater repair appointment today.on my microwave is stuck and wont release

Flower Coolers Repair

As a florist and a shop owner you know that one of the most important items in your store is the flower cooler. Flowers of all kinds require different temperatures and environments in order to stay fresh. If this is not achieved then money is wasted on spoiled or ruined product.

Everyone knows that flowers can be one of the most romantic gestures between people as well as also showing sympathy and condolences for a lost loved one or friend. They can be a gesture of kindness between two people and also be given in times of celebration and congratulations.Running a floral shop can be an exciting adventure and allow the business owner ways to show creativity and expression.

Common Problems With Flower Coolers

Don’t let a malfunctioning cooler ruin your vision and dreams! A professional flower cooler repair technician is only a phone call away. Our experts can address issues like:

  • low freon levels
  • incorrect temperatures
  • icing up or frosting on the insides
  • faulty gaskets and seals and more...

If you flower cooler is in need of maintenance we can provide service and cleaning as well.Call our office 747-334-2655 today to schedule a repair or maintenance appointment.

Do You Need Repairs For Your Flower Cooler?

We understand the importance of keeping your flower cooler in tip top shape. Our professional and trained technicians will be happy to provide service and offer suggestions for more efficient service. We work on all commercial appliances and with decades of experience we have the passion and skills to help business owners in our communities every day. Call us today and see how we can help you!

Call us today 747-334-2655 and see how we can help you! You also can schedule an appointment online.

Air Conditioner Repair

As a sunny California resident we all know how warm we can be throughout the year. There is no doubt that a functioning air conditioner is a must for most of our California months to stay comfortable and cool. Our expert air conditioning repair technicians can accommodate the needs of homeowners as well as business owners. We offer a wide variety or air conditioning repairs, maintenance and recommendations for busy day to day situations. Indoor temperature is very important to maintain as a business owner not only for public but for your employees as well. A pleasurable temperature inside the facility means comfortable people or workers. This ensures a happy situation for everyone involved.

Call our office 747-334-2655 today to schedule a repair or maintenance appointment.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning Or Heating Unit For Your Situation

Investing in a proper HVAC system is essential however choosing the correct unit for your building or situation might be complicated. There are multiple types of units and brands as well as companies that try and sell you products but do not follow up with any maintenance or help after the unit is installed. We are here to help you with any questions you might have as well as make suggestions for units and care to keep your building or offices comfortable.

Types Of Air Conditioning And Heating Units

Commercial HVAC units can be complicated and involved systems. They can be split systems, heat pump or package units. Package units are the most common for office buildings and apartments. These units usually control the temperature for multiple areas and sometimes a whole building. By setting the thermostat, the unit will come on in the cold keeping things warm, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, in the heat it will maintain a cool and comfortable temperature. Proper ventilation and placement of registers will keep air flow regulated within the building. This improves the air quality making for a healthier environment.

Maintenance For Your Heating And Air Conditioning Unit

Maintenance is important for any HVAC unit and should be done at least yearly. Filters should be changed regularly to ensure proper air flow and circulation. Condensers need to be serviced at least once a year to prevent problems with the heat exchange. Freon levels should be checked and the condenser and evaporator should be cleaned. This will enable the air to flow as it should to the registers for the comfortable environment we all desire. Technicians also should be able to make repair recommendations during these visits as well hopefully preventing any unseen future catastrophes.

Do You Need Air Conditioner Or Heater Repair?

Think you might need a repair, have questions or need suggestions for unit replacement or maintenance? Repair technicians operate fully stocked vehicles and in today’s busy world we understand how important your time is. All makes and models of commercial air conditioners can be serviced to keep you cool and comfortable.

Speak with one of our friendly dispatchers by phone 747-334-2655 about your commercial needs and let us help you now. You can also schedule an air conditioner repair appointment online, just visit a provided link to fill-in the form.


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