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Royal Appliance Repair one of the best microwave repair service in Calabasas. We have the expertise and experience for repairing and servicing all kinds and models of microwaves. Our extensive knowledge about thermostats, turntable spins, electric and mechanical problems allows us to fix your microwave and restore its function. Our factory-trained microwave repair experts have extensive experience of repairing microwaves.

Give us a call and our experts will be right there to fix your microwave oven in no time.

Common Microwave Issues We Repair
At Royal Appliance Repair, we have years of experience in helping our CA clients with their appliances’ problems. We understand how important it is for you to have your microwave up and running at all times. We ensure that our experts take the least time possible in the procedure but fix the microwave in an expert manner so that problems don’t arise again.
Here are the warning signs that your microwave is in need of an expert. Call us right away, if you notice any of these issues:

⦁ Microwave touch pad doesn’t work
⦁ Microwave isn’t heating
⦁ The turntable is not spinning
⦁ The turntable keeps spinning when the door is opened
⦁ The light inside the microwave is out
⦁ Microwave makes noise when it is turned on
⦁ The beeping in the microwave doesn’t shut off
⦁ The microwave door refuses to open
⦁ There are sparks inside the microwave
⦁ Burned fuses
⦁ The ‘door open’ button is stuck and won’t release

If you notice any of these issues with your microwave, call our experts right away.

Microwave Repair in Calabasas on the Same Day
Looking for a same-day microwave repair service in Calabasas? Let the experts at Royal Appliance Repair help you. We offer same-day microwave repair services to our clients in CA. Keep in mind that something as major as a microwave repair or service is not a DIY task. No matter how many tutorials and videos you watch, you cannot handle an appliance on your own unless you are skilled in doing it. Thus, don’t take things into your hands. We offer highly affordable microwave repair services in Calabasas. Our experts will come to your place, diagnose the issue and fix it right away using premium quality products.

We are the best microwave repair company in Calabasas.

Call Royal Appliance Repair as soon as you notice the first sign of a problem in your microwave oven. We offer the best microwave repairs in CA and will make sure that the repairs are done in time at an affordable cost.

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