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We are Royal Appliance Repair, the top choice of the residents of Calabasas when they are in need of specialists for their residential appliance repair.

Refrigerator Repair
The experts at Royal Appliance Repair are experienced in handling all kinds of refrigerator repairs in CA. The refrigerator problems that we repair and resolve include but are not limited to:
⦁ Refrigerator Not Cooling
⦁ Compressor Problems
⦁ Condenser Fan

Microwave Repair
We understand how important it is for you to have your microwave up and running at all times. We ensure that our experts take the least time possible in the procedure but fix the microwave in an expert manner so that problems don’t arise again.

Dishwasher Repair
The expert technicians at CA Appliances Time are the top choice of CA residents when it comes to their appliances repair and service. We have helped hundreds of clients by repairing their dishwashers the expert way. Give us a call right away if you need dishwasher repair in Calabasas and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you when it is convenient for you.

Ice-Maker Repair
Ice-makers are complex appliances that need to be repaired by experts. Is your ice-maker not making ice? It is making noises, or the temperature is just not right? Call in our experts to help you make it run again.

Oven and Stove Repair
Stoves are one of the most important appliances at home. Since these are usually run on gas, they are also a dangerous appliance. Hence, you cannot take chances on its repairs by calling amateurs. An expert stove repair service in Calabasas will ensure that all the precautionary measures have been taken before they start the repair process.

Air Conditioner Repair
Has your air conditioner given up on you? You need to call in the experts at Royal Appliance Repair for your air conditioner repair in CA. Our expert technicians know the working of air conditioner inside out and will make the repairs for you in no time.

Heater Repair
Is your heater not heating effectively? It may be in need of a repair or maintenance. Do not take small issues in your heater lightly as they can be an indication of a bigger problem. Call our experts right away.

Washer/Dryer Repair
Royal Appliance Repair offer the quickest and the most cost-effective washer and dryers repair in Calabasas. Washers and dryers play a significant role in our daily lives. We have become too dependent on them and letting them just sit there when they break down is not something feasible for us anymore. Call us for same day washer/dryer repair in Calabasas done by experts.

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