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Your commercial walk-in refrigerator protects thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory, keeping food items safe in storage for your customers. Having a properly functioning and well-maintained walk-in refrigerator is crucial for any food business. To ensure longevity of your walk-in refrigerator, it is important to pay special attention to its proper maintenance and care. Speedy repairs should be done to ensure that a small problem doesn’t turn into a big one and cause a dent to your business.
Call Royal Appliance Repair as soon as you notice first sign of a problem in your walk-in refrigerator. We offer the best walk-in refrigerator repairs in CA and will ensure minimal disruptions to your business while we fix the refrigerator for you.

Common Walk-In Refrigerator Issues We Repair
The experts at Royal Appliance Repair are experienced in handling all kinds of walk-in refrigerator repairs in CA. The problems we repair and resolve in your walk-in refrigerator include but are not limited to:

Lack of Power
A blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker might be the cause of the power outage in your walk-in refrigerator. Our experts will also check if there is a control board problem or wiring issues. Whatever the problem is, our experts will diagnose it and fix it for you in no time.

Temperature Too High
If you have a walk-in refrigerator that as a frost buildup or is overloaded with products, the evaporator can start getting too warm. Frequent opening and closing of the door might also be the reason that the inside temperature is not optimum. We will find the problem and resolve it for you.

Motor Running Constantly
Is the motor of your walk-in refrigerator running constantly? Possible refrigerant leak or a leak anywhere else might be the issue that is causing the cool air to escape from the refrigerator. It will not only cause problems for the appliance but also increase your energy bills. Our walk-in refrigerator repairs in Calabasas experts will take care of it for you.

Ice Buildup
Another common issue that arises in walk-in refrigerators is ice buildup. Ice buildup on the evaporator coil and the air vent indicates an underlying problem for which you will need the services of an expert company offering walk-in refrigerator repairs in Calabasas. Our experts will take care of the issue and will resolve it for you.
Ice in the Drain Pan
Do you notice ice in the drain pan? Defective heater or a clogged drain line can be the possible cause of this issue. You need the services of an expert and professional walk-in refrigerator repair in Calabasas service to come and resolve the issue before the inventory is compromised.

Walk-In Refrigerator Service and Repairs
Whether you are looking for an expert for your commercial walk-in refrigerator repair or want an expert to come in for the maintenance of your unit, we got you covered. With years of experience by our side, we will help you repair, maintain, and service your walk-in refrigerator efficiently.

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