Commercial Wine Cooler Repair Service

Keep your wine at the perfect temperature all the time.
Restaurants that serve quality wine just at the right temperature are often the favourites in the area. People love coming here for spending some quality time with themselves or others over a glass of wine. To be able to serve wine at a restaurant, you need a commercial wine cooler. Depending on your sale, you will need to decide on the size and type of commercial wine cooler you will need.

Commercial Wine Cooler Service in Calabasas
Commercial wine coolers are a smart investment for your restaurant or bar business. Not only do they look nice but they also help in bringing more people to your place. However, just buying a wine cooler doesn’t mean the task is done. You need to keep it well-maintained and regularly serviced to be able to make the most of them.

Commercial Wine Cooler Repairs in Calabasas
Your wine cooler not working for even a single day can cause a lot of loss to your business, especially if wine is your USP. Thus, it is important to address any issues in wine cooler there and then. If your wine cooler in not cooling properly, or you are unable to switch it on even after multiple attempts, you need to take help from experts. At Royal Appliance Repair, we have years of experience in commercial wine cooler repairs in Calabasas. Our professionals will visit you even on a short notice and will resolve the problem in the wine cooler to ensure it works efficiently.

Common Problems in Commercial Wine Coolers

Faulty Cooling
You will experience faulty cooling in your wine cooler if it is not regularly maintained and serviced. Damage to the evaporator, compressor or the coil may be the reason behind it. It makes the compressor run constantly which increases your energy bills and also cause damage to the wine cooler.

Excessive Cooling
Excessive cooling is also another common issue in commercial wine coolers that should be immediately addressed to avoid the spoilage of wines. Wines, if not kept at a specific temperature, can go bad in taste and thus have to be thrown away. Thus, it is best to call for repairs immediately.
Moisture Buildup
Moisture buildup is another common problem in commercial wine coolers because of the varying temperatures inside. This can also lead to rust inside the cooler which can reduce the life of the appliance. Call in an expert to keep the cooler maintained to avoid these problems.

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